TU Vienna Doctoral Program on Functional Matter

Report 2011 (pdf)

Call for Applications

Functionalizing matter at the atomic scale will be the ulimate nanotechnology and the driving force of science and technology in the near future. The Functional Matter Alliance at TU Vienna hosts the full range of research activities from fundamental science to technological applications, from ultra cold quantum matter to designed molecules and solids. The TU Vienna doctoral program on Functional Matter announces its openings for doctoral/graduate students in experimental and theoretical physics and chemistry of Functional Matter, with a strong emphasis on

• Cold atoms
• Functional hybrid materials
• Nanotechnology & Materials Engineering
• Strongly correlated electron systems
• Surface chemistry of nanostructures
• Transport through quantum confined matter
• Ultrashort laser pulse phenomena

The following faculty members are members of the doctoral program and will serve as thesis supervisors:

A. Baltuska, Photonics, http://info.tuwien.ac.at/photonik
E. Bertagnolli, Solid State Electronics, http://fke.tuwien.ac.at
S. Bühler-Paschen, Solid State Physics, http://www.ifp.tuwien.ac.at (Speaker)
J. Burgdörfer, Theoretical Physics, http://www.itp.tuwien.ac.at
K. Held, Theoretical Solid State Physics, http://www.ifp.tuwien.ac.at
G. Rupprechter, Materials Chemistry, http://www.imc.tuwien.ac.at
J. Schmiedmayer, Cold Atoms, http://www.atomchip.org
U. Schubert, Materials Chemistry, http://www.imc.tuwien.ac.at
G. Strasser, Solid State Electronics,http://fke.tuwien.ac.at
K. Unterrainer, Photonics, http://info.tuwien.ac.at/photonik

Functional Matter is a key research activity at TU Vienna. The doctoral program is closely linked to special research programs (ADLIS, IR-ON) and doctoral programs (CMS, CoQuS) funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), several European networks and many international collaboration projects.


The TU Vienna graduate school guarantees full financial support on a 12-month basis for up to three years. Doctoral students admitted to the doctoral program on Functional Matter will have a regular employment at TU Vienna. The modalities of payment are geared to the rules laid out by TU Vienna and the FWF. The gross salary will be ~ EUR 1.700,–, 14 times per year.
Additionally, the graduate program will provide some support for
• Travel expenses
• Exchange programs with collaborating international universities
• Soft skill training
• Language courses (German and English)

Since the number of positions in the doctoral program Functional Matter is limited the faculty members of the doctoral program will assess all applications and select students with excellent academic records and visibly strong enthusiasm and talent for research. The call is open to nationals of all countries. In order to facilitate the assessment and to provide comprehensive information of their qualifications, students are requested to submit all documents mentioned in the Application Checklist.

Application Checklist

1. Admission form (pdf download, doc download)
2. Curriculum vitae.
3. List of publications, posters and talks (if already applicable).
4. Up to two letters of recommendation (cf. admission form), pdf download, doc download.
5. Full academic records.
6. All courses within the doctoral program are given in English. Information on the candidate’s competence in English (TOEFL or others) will be important (cf. admission form).
7. All application documents shall be sent in either German or English. Foreign documents must be sent as certified translations into English.
8. All documents should include the full name of the applicant.

Dates and Deadlines

Applications shall reach us preferably before December 31st, 2008 . This is the deadline for the first selection round. Applications arriving till the end of 2008 will still be considered if slots remain open.

Selected applicants will be invited for interviews on either September 11 or September 19, 2008. Later interview dates will be fixed at need.

Gender Mainstreaming

The doctoral program faculty seeks to increase the percentage of female researchers. We aim for at least 50% of all admitted students being female. Female applicants will be given preference over equally qualified male candidates.

Applications and further questions

All application documents and letters of recommendation shall be sent by e-mail in PDF-format, with “Functional Matter” in the subject line, to: pers1@zv.tuwien.ac.at AND sekretariat@ifp.tuwien.ac.at For any further questions please write to the latter address or to the Speaker of the Doctoral Program: Doctoral Program on Functional Matter Prof. Silke Bühler-Paschen Institute of Solid State Physics Faculty of Physics Vienna University of Technology Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10 A - 1040 Vienna, Austria


Call for Applications (pdf)
Call for Applications - short version (pdf)
Admission form (pdf, doc)
Letters of recommendation (pdf, doc)